Summer Fun with your Kids

Stamp Out the Summertime Blues and Have Fun With Your Kids This Summrt.


School is out! Now is the time to plan activities for your youngsters, and if you love to create, your kids probably will too.  Here are a few ideas to help you throughout the summer:


1. Alphabet sets: help your kids’ spelling, reading and composition skills stay sharp all summer – it’s as easy as ABC!  Use any SU! alphabet set to let them spell words you dictate or create sentences.  Or for more fun, they could stamp out messages to mom, dad, friends or relatives.  Stamp several sets of the letters on a magnetic sheet, cut apart and keep them in a metal lunchbox to keep kids occupied on the road.  Use the number sets in the same way to practice math skills.


2. Stamp-O:  Your kids can help you make, then play, this stampin’ version of “bingo”.  Choose one or more stamp sets and stamp images in different colors on cards.  Stamp another set of matching images to draw from.  


3. Tic-Tac-Toe:  Play just like you would with X and O but let each contestant use a stamp instead of the traditional X or O.  This game travels well using the mini stamps and ink spots.


4. Late in the summer, pull out the stamp sets and let your young artists create a new bookmark for school.  They may want to make extras for their classmates and the teacher.  Also use your favorite set to decorate plain paper book covers.  Or make a frame for the photo of their first day at school, teacher, or best friends.


5. Using any of the animal stamps, stamp on white cardstock, color in and cut out.  Then attach them to popsicle sticks and have a puppet show. 


6. Summer is a great time to get the Chore Chart established,and the kids will love stamping the chart when they have accomplished their chore.


7. Let your children tell a story using the stamps that you have.  See how creative they can be!


8. Dot game: let your children use a clean pencil eraser to stamp a dot grid.  When each player connect the dots to make a square, he can stamp in the square.  Another easy-traveling game!


9. Let your child choose a stamp sef with animals or nature.  Then go to the library to find books about the animals  chosen.   Write a small book report to be read to Mom or Dad when they get home – leave out the name of the animal and see if they can guess which animal it is! For younger children you could make small flash cards to help them learn the animals name and what sound it makes.


10. Encourage your child to start a scrapbook.  You can take one stamp set and make it a themed scrapbook or use many different sets throughout the book.  It gives your child a sense of what has taken place in their life already and what they can plan for in the future.  Allow them to take some pictures during the family vacation to use in their scrapbook – it will be interesting for you to realize what your child sees compared to what you see through the lens of a camera.


11. Use our party stamp sets to help plan summer parties with your child’s friends, July 4th celebration or a family reunion.


12. Use Sunny Days stamp set to encourage your child to try new fruits and come up with creative was to use them. Try recipes like smoothies , fruit salad and fruit pops.


13  use one of our sea side stamp sets and take your child on a trip to the beach or an aquarium to discover sea life

14. Let your children help you plan their birthday party and be involved in stamping for it.  Stamp a car or truck on cardstock, cut out and tape to a toothpick then insert in the top of a cupcake or sandwich and watch the smiles appear.  Stamp invitations on  our small note cards and let your child pick the stamp set and help stamp them. and send in the mail.  You can also stamp a paper tablecloth (the kids will love this part!), napkins and plates.  Don’t forget to stamp a cello bag full of goodies for your guests to take back home.


17. Do you have a teenager involved in sports practices or band practice, or other summer actives?  Stamp them encouraging notes with our alphabet stamp sets.

Hope you have fun with your child/children this summer! If you are interested in any of our great products just contact me Brenda  at [email protected] 413-203-5196. You can also go online to order at

Happy Stamping Brenda

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